FHC 7100 Stretcher


The FHC7100 Mobilecare Transport Hospital Stretcher is designed to provide deluxe transportation features without the deluxe price tag. With 8″ Tente total/directional locking casters and brake steer pedal at every corner, this transporting stretcher provides easy transportation of all patients up to 550 lbs. The 7100 stretcher comes with I.V. pole sockets at every corner and fold forward side rails with built in push handles for convenient transporting needs. A O2 storage underneath the hospital stretcher make it simple to keep patient oxygen stored while moving. With our FHC7100 Mobilecare Transport Hospital Stretcher, moving sick or injured patients around couldn’t be any easier or simpler.


  • Overall Length: 83″
  • Overall Width: 31″
  • Mattress Surface
    Length: 75″
    Width: 26″
  • Height  Adjustment Range
    Minimum Height with 8″ Casters: 23.5″
    Maximum Height with 8″ Casters: 35″
  • Litter Positioning
    Trendelenburg/ Reverse Trendelenburg: +/- 18º
    Backrest Adjustments: +90º
  • Casters: 8″ with Central Locking One Tracking 4 Brake/Steer Pedals
  • I.V. Attachment Sockets: 4
  • Weight Capacity: 550 LBS

Standard Features

  • 4″ X 24″ X 75″ pad
  • 8″ casters
  • 27″ wide patient surface
  • Fold-down side rails,14.5 ” X 49″
  • Four I.V. receptacles
  • Stationary foot section
  • Four brake/steer pedals
  • Dual pedestal hydraulics
  • Dual side-mounted foot control
  • Hands-free trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg